10 Ways to Keep A Healthy Relationship

For a relationship to remain healthy, it must already BE healthy. Right? Once something is the way you want it to be, it’s easier to maintain it from there. You want to discontinue what is not working and continue doing what is working for you. Pay attention to how you’re evolving as an individual, so you don’t let the relationship grow stale or become stagnant in the process.

The moment you decide to take your eyes off what’s important to you, your focus and attention goes elsewhere. As you begin to place your focus there, know that something else will either starve or suffer; including your relationship.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, here are ten sure fireproof ways to keep the flame alive, and going in the direction you want:

  1. Be clear on where you want your relationship to go and share it. Because if you don’t, where it ends up can be on you.
  2. Give attention to what you want to continue in your relationship. Because that’s what you’ll get more of; what you focus on.
  3. Plan to do the things you enjoy doing together on a regular basis. Or else they’ll be forgotten and a thing of the past.
  4. Keep one another posted on what’s going on or changing in your life. This tend to cause drifts in relationships.
  5. Make self-care a priority, to extend care to your relationship. If you’re not taking care of you, who’s going to take care of the relationship?
  6. Never neglect each other.
  7. Make the time to connect and communicate; especially listening.
  8. Have great sex (whatever that is for you).
  9. Inform one another on things that affect you, which will ultimately affect the other.

10.Have fun along the way.

By no means is this list exhaustive or put in any particular order; but for sure, if you continue to come back to these ten items, and act (which is key) on them, you are sure to keep a healthy relationship.

Let me know which was most helpful for you in the comment section below. Keep at it!

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