If you’re sick and tired of your relationship not working quite right, consider how you can begin a different path.

If you want your relationship to be better in 2020 than it was this year, pay close attention to this…

Because what you’re about to learn will not only help YOU be better, but empower you to have an even better relationship!

  • Create the healthy, loving, well-connected relationship you desire using these tips.
  • Use these simple, practical ways for succeeding daily in your relationship beginning from where you are right now in the relationship cycle.
  • Get in the driver seat of your relationship and wheel that baby in the direction you envision it going.

Meet Your Facilitator


Personal Growth & Relationship Counselor, Coach & Consultant

Barbara Ann Williams is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), a Board-Certified Coach, a Certified Relationship Coach for Singles and Couples, and an Author. My experience and background in counseling and coaching enhances my ability to work with a variety of client needs, especially as it relates to women and their relationships. I tend to use non-traditional methods to accelerate my clients in creating a life and relationship that is in harmony and alignment with who they are at their core as individuals.

In addition to helping women work through their personal and relationship challenges, I too have worked through many of my own as an individual, while maintaining who I am in a long-term relationship with my husband of over four decades. Ultimately, it is my desire to come along side other women and offer support to them in their personal and relationship journey.