3 Reasons You Should Make YOU A Priority

I hear people say all the time that it’s selfish to think about yourself, or to put yourself first. Well, I say, if you don’t, who will? You know better what your needs are and when you need them than anyone else. Am I right?

The point here is not to ONLY think of yourself. It’s that to guarantee you are thought of and taken into consideration, you must be the one to do it.

Sure, it’s nice when others think of you, do nice things for you, and remember your special days. But, how would they know what’s special to you if you didn’t share it in some way? How would they know what you liked if you didn’t let them know?

In order to share with others who you are and what you like, you must take the time to study yourself and get to know you really well. You’ve heard the saying, we teach people how to treat us, right? Well, people are watching what you do to you; how you care for you; the boundaries you put in place to protect you; etc., etc., etc.

If you are going to be cared for, it’s going to be you who sees to it. This is making you a priority. Three reasons you should do this is:

  1. It is YOUR responsibility. You know when you’re hungry, thirsty, hot, cold, tired, or sleepy. And when you are, you either have to tell someone so that they can help you meet the need, or you are in the position to meet the need yourself. You know better for you than anyone else. Trust that!
  2. When you take care of you, you show others how you wish to be cared for. How’s that for a thought?! If you’re always speaking negatively about yourself and secretly hoping others will speak differently to and about you, think again. They are taking cues from you. You must be the one to make this change.
  3. You can take better care of others when that same level of care begins with you. It makes sense that a woman who is taking good care of herself, will more than likely provide good care. Which one would you want to be in the care of: an overwhelmed, run down, overworked person who can’t say no; or a positive attitude, well rested, healthy person? Represent what you want.

If you’re having trouble making you a priority and would like to see if we can work together, let’s connect.

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