3 Ways to Fix Your Relationship

While there are many ways you can repair your relationship, there are some things you must first do before you can. Let’s look at these first.

  1. Assess the situation—This is all about identifying the problem. If you do not assess the situation to determine what you want to change, you might break something that does not need fixing. What is the problem, the main problem you have an issue with right now about your relationship? What do you want to be different, and how? Take some time to think about that and then create the steps needed to get you where you would like to be.
  2. Do a SELF-check—It is so easy to point fingers at someone else and criticize what the other person is doing or the way they are doing things. And it’s okay if something needs to be said about the way things are going; just look in the mirror first. The last thing you want to do is point out a fault in the other person and turn around and have a fault to be pointed out about you. That does not feel good. So, before you go off pointing fingers, make sure you are in the clear first. Sure, you may have something going on, you just don’t want to come off as being “miss perfect” while pointing out another’s flaw.
  3. Fix you first—If there is any fixing to be done, make sure you do yours first. Fixing you means if there is anything you are dissatisfied about within or internally in some way, do that work. If you are not happy, not at peace, not satisfied, it does not start with someone else. That starts with you. Figure those pieces out about yourself first and fix them. This, in and of itself will resolve some issues in your relationship. This is the first best step.

After you have gone through these three ways to fix your relationship, there might not be much of a problem to fix after all. Believe it or not, ALL of our relationship problems begin with us as individuals in some way. If you were to stop, look at the real problem and consider why it may be showing up for you, the benefit will become much more visible so that the issue can be resolved from your end. If that is possible, wouldn’t you want to go through this first? Happy fixing!  

Let me know if this was helpful by leaving a comment below. And as always, be sure to reach out and connect if you need additional support.

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