5 Blocks Continued

If you have been following the past few posts, then you know we’ve been discussing “Blocks That Could Be Keeping You Stuck”. Well, here we are with the next set of five blocks.

Just in case you haven’t been following and this is your first read of the blocks, be sure and check out the first and second set. This is the third, and there is one more left. As a refresher, here’s to reminding you of what a block is. A block is something that is in the way of allowing you to move forward or get where you’re trying to go. They often show up as obstacles, stuck points, or hindrances you can’t seem to see your way past. That’s a block.

Don’t forget, there are 20 of these blocks that I came up with, and we have covered the first 10 already. You don’t necessarily have to read them in any order, but if you missed them, don’t forget to go back and check them out. Now, here’s blocks 11-15:

11. Fear Of ___________. Fill in the blank of what you are afraid of. It’s holding you back and stunting your growth to achieve your burning desires. Do you know what you’re afraid of? How did you get here? How is it working for you? Do you like the way you feel? Have you felt this way for so long that you now feel comfortable in this feeling? Just something to think about. Remember, you get to choose if you continue to stay here or if you get to move forward. Which is it going to be? Challenge the fear.

12. Mindset / Perspective (the way you see or look at things). Is the problem the problem or the way you think about and look at the problem, the problem? I know, what a twister, right?! Without question, it’s the way you think about and look at it. Is your mindset and way of looking at things helpful or harmful, positive or negative, good or bad, right or wrong? For you, that is. And whatever it is, how does that sit with you?

13. Feeling Guilty For Putting You First. It’s one thing to take care of yourself, but it’s a whole other thing to feel guilty about doing it. If you don’t put yourself first, who will? You must care for others from a full cup, not an empty one. Feeling guilty about taking care of others when there’s not enough left for you to take care of yourself is not a good space to give or help others from. It’s draining and a challenge to bounce back. Remember, put your oxygen mask on first. This is what affords you the opportunity to care for someone else – after you have cared for yourself. This is NOT selfish. This is your responsibility.

14. Negative Environment. Negativity begets negativity. So, if you’re in an environment that is not conducive to how you want to feel, you must do something about it. You have options. You can change your environment, or you can sit around and watch your environment change you. Which will you choose?

15. Passive / Pessimistic Attitude. A passive attitude is a do whatever you want to do type attitude. You’re telling people that it doesn’t matter to you; they can make the choice to do as they will. The pessimistic attitude is similar, in that, it’s an I don’t care attitude. Both tend to lean towards the negative energetic side. Is this what you want for yourself? This is not the type of energy people like to be around. It’s infectious.

Are any of these five blocks keeping you from moving forward? If so, you are now aware of that particular block that’s got you stuck. The next step to getting past this point is to dig more into why you’re blocked. Reading more about the block can support you in getting past it.

Remember, I created 20 of these blocks in total. We will look at the final five blocks in the next post, so stay connected. If you can’t wait to get the other five, not to mention, more information on the ones you’ve received already, then head over and get all 20, along with an audio recording so that you can listen at your own leisure, anywhere, anytime. Check out the Unblock Bundle. Until the next time, happy unblocking!

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