5 Blocks That Could Be Keeping You Stuck

What is a block? A block is something that is in the way of allowing you to move forward or get where you’re trying to go. They often show up as obstacles, stuck points, or hindrances you can’t seem to see your way past. That’s a block.

Can an block be moved? Sure! The first step to moving a block is awareness. You must first be able to see it as something that’s keeping you away from something else. You can’t move what you can’t see. And you can’t see what you won’t acknowledge.

Actually there are 20 of these blocks that I came up with, but we’re only going to cover five of them in this post. See if any of these could be keeping you from where you think you desire to be. You’re here, trying to get to there. Let’s look at five of these blocks that could be keeping you stuck:

  1. Unclear on what it is you really want. When you are not clear on what you want for yourself or your life and relationships, you get whatever shows up for you. If you don’t like what is showing up, you must determine what is at the root of what is showing up for you and why. Understand though, it is there to teach you something.
  2. Lack of confidence in going after what you think you want. Confidence  is everything! First thing here is having a good sense of clarity in what it is you think you want. You don’t have to be sure. If it’s enough for you to think  this is what you want, it’s enough for you to move forward and go after it. When you’re clear on that, it gives you the confidence you need to act.
  3. Making others more of a priority over yourself. Listen, if you don’t see yourself as being important, don’t expect anybody else to. You’ve heard the  saying, “You teach others how to treat you”, right? Well, it’s so true. People observe your behavior, attitude, and actions toward yourself, and they will tend to follow your example in how they treat you.
  4. Feeling Insecure. Where is this insecurity coming from? What makes you feel this way about yourself? Even if someone did or said something to you or about you that makes you feel this way, it’s what you continue to say to yourself that makes it so.
  5. Lack of support in achieving what you want. It’s one thing to not have clarity on what you want, but it’s altogether another thing to depend or wait on someone else to come along and make it happen for you. People tend to  follow when there are clear directions as to what is needed. Not only that, but when you know what you want, you’re in a much better position to ask for help.

Are any of these five blocks keeping you from moving forward? If so, you are now aware of that particular block that’s got you stuck. The next step to getting past this point is to dig more into why you’re blocked. Reading more about the block can support you in getting past it.

Remember, there are 20 in total. We will look at another five blocks in the next post. If you can’t wait, head over here and get all 20, along with an audio recording so that you can listen at your own leisure, anywhere, anytime. Check out the Unblock Bundle. Until the next time, happy unblocking!

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