5 Reasons Your Relationship Might Not Be Working

If your relationship is not working and you’re not sure why or what the problem could be, check out the reasons listed below and see if any of them could be the culprit.

If yes, begin working through potential issues with that particular reason. If no, they will still get you moving in a good, healthy, positive direction toward making things better. If for no other reason but to bring awareness. This is where change begins.

Now let’s look at some reasons your relationship might not be working:

Loss of Interest–the thrill, flame and attraction is gone. There’s no more trying to make it work. The will and drive to revive it is no longer there.

It’s Unequal–someone in the relationship is not willing to put in the necessary work or pull their share of the load.

Dishonest Communication–not telling your truth in the relationship. A partner can not get to know the real you if you are not being honest, first to yourself and then to others.

Negative Attitude / Behavior–nobody wants to be around someone all the time who is in a negative mood; it poisons and slowly kills the environment and contaminates the relationship.

Confiding in Others–something is not right about being in a relationship and still feeling alone. If you are confiding in others instead of your partner, they won’t know what to fix or work on. It is also considered emotional infidelity.

Looking at these reasons your relationship might not be working can help you improve it for the better. If any of these apply to you, try doing the opposite of what they are. This too can improve your relationship. Or maybe it’s time for a change. Talking it out, being honest with yourself and with your partner is healthy all around.

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