A Time For Gratitude

Every single day is a time to be grateful for something or someone, and if you haven’t yet, today is just such a  day to do it. Say thanks!

What are you grateful for this THANKSGIVING season?

Take advantage of each opportunity you have with a friend or loved one to let them know how much you appreciate them. Don’t take anyone or anything for granted. One moment you have, the next you don’t. 

It feels good to share gratitude for what you are thankful for. It’s not about what you may get in return, but about what you take out the time to give; if nothing but a thank you.

Look around. Is there someone or something you need to give some attention to? It doesn’t take a lot. Any small or simple way you can express your thankfulness towards someone for what they have done or for what they mean to you, should not be minimized or overlooked.

That’s why we have this one special day set aside to remind us to be grateful. When you are, don’t keep it to yourself. Share it. Take the time to say:

Thank you.

I appreciate you.

I’m grateful for…

I’m thankful because…

These are just a few short simple ways to express your gratitude. Go ahead. Do it now. Begin by looking in the mirror and telling yourself how much you appreciate you. Start there. Wrap your arms around yourself to give the gift of love to you. That’s where it begins. With you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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