Be the creator of the life YOU ultimately desire!

Since we are forever evolving into who we are becoming, many changes will occur throughout our adulthood, including our likes, dislikes, interests, tastes and desires. What may have attracted us early on in life may now repel us. Because of this, it is so important to not only know what you want in your life, but, to be the chooser in it. We really are the creators of what shows up for us. This begins with self-awareness and being intentional about who you are being.

If you would like to gain clarity on what you truly desire for yourself, start from where you are right now; and, if you’re sick and tired of what’s showing up for you, and are now ready for change, let’s connect


Hi, I’m Barbara Ann Williams.

It is my desire to come alongside you and offer support and guidance in your personal journey. My experience and background as a Personal Growth and Development Coach, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), a Board-Certified Coach (BCC), a Certified Relationship Coach (CRC) for Singles and Couples, and an Author and Speaker, enhances my ability to work with a variety of clients and their needs.

I use non-traditional methods to accelerate my clients in creating a life that is in harmony and alignment with who they are at their core.

In addition to helping you work through your personal challenges, I too have worked through many of my own as an individual, while maintaining who I am in a long-term relationship with my husband of over four decades. This combination of my experience, education, professional background, and long-term successful relationship, along with the many I’ve helped to do the same, is a testament that when it comes to personal growth, I am definitely one to connect with.

For support, connect with me here.

To learn more about me, from a more intimate perspective, take a look at the documentary below produced by my daughter of her father and me. Enjoy the mini movie!