Hi There!

As a helping professional, I come in contact with so many different professionals that help others in some capacity, while at the same time are in need of some form of help themselves. It is important to understand that you are not in the best position to support others while in a place of brokenness yourself.

20171223041205_IMG_3096This awareness increased my desire to help those who help others, so that the people they help can receive not only their full undivided attention, but also receive the care they are due. I want to remind you how important the role is you play in the lives of others; how you can create a better world by starting with what has been given to you–your own life.

If you are dedicated to nurturing the health and wellness of others, know that it begins with your own health first. As you let your inner relationship reflect your personal growth and wellness, you will find a whole new approach to being present in life and your ability to help others in a whole new way.

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a Board Certified Coach, and a Certified Relationship Coach for individuals and couples, allow me to help you, while you help others. Together we can explore what’s keeping you from being your best so that you can thrive, and help your clients do the same, from a place of well-being. Feel free to “Connect” with me here.

To learn more about Barbara, the person, from a more intimate perspective, take a look at the documentary below produced by my daughter of her father and me (over four decades and counting). Enjoy the mini movie!