Are you sick and tired (literally) of everything in your life showing up the same old way, with no change in sight for you?

Are you ready for an opportunity to dig deeper into what could be keeping you from experiencing what you truly desire for yourself, your life, and your relationships with others?

If so, I’m ready to support you in doing just that, in a small intimate group setting!

We will start each day getting clear on what’s present for you in the moment, be present with you and address that thing, and then assist you in processing your thoughts and feelings about it, to support you in moving forward from that space. This is what provides opportunity for transformation.

It’s all happening October 27-29, 2023, and here’s what you can expect:

You can expect One 60-Minute 1:1 Call with me (before or after the event, to process any personal up front challenge(s) you might be anticipating, or processing post event), which is designed to help you go deeper and to support you in creating the mental and emotional space for your lasting breakthrough.

The Gathering begins on Friday evening, October 27, at 5pm, lasting until about 10pm.

Saturday, Day-2, will begin at 10am, and go until about 10pm (with breaks in between).

Sunday, Day-3, will begin at 10am, and wrap up about 4pm (with breaks).

This 3-Day Live Gathering will be held in Melbourne, FL. The investment is $1,600. If interested, please reach out for an invoice for payment to be made, to secure your spot. Send message/request to bannwconsulting@gmail.com.

This investment includes:

  • Some meals, drinks, and snacks (for throughout the day)
  • A Welcome package
  • Daily Random Prizes
  • Handouts / Materials / Teachings
  • One 60-minute 1:1 consult (choose before OR after event)

What can you expect to experience at this gathering?

  • Mental and emotional clarity
  • Time to learn and then apply
  • Opportunity to be seen and heard
  • Space for mental, emotional, and relational healing
  • Camaraderie with other like-minded women
  • Opportunities to share and ask questions


  • You are sick and tired of making excuses
  • You are ready to begin and/or experience transformation
  • You are ready for clarity (life, personal, and/or relational)
  • You are ready to dig beneath the surface of what’s visible to you
  • You are ready to say YES to YOU and personal growth

If your response to any of the above is a resounding YES, then I invite you to join us!

This Intimate Gathering is NOT for you if:

  • You are not seriously ready to get real with yourself
  • You refuse to do the work needed to be done for change to take place
  • You are not ready or willing to stand up for yourself right now, as only you can
  • You can not get past the reasons or excuses for putting others first over you
  • You refuse to say yes to YOU, or you are not ready to commit fully to you just yet

If any of the above reflect the way you currently feel, then this is NOT the time for you to attend the event. This is not a bad thing. What’s important here is that you can recognize it for what it is and take necessary actions to make improvement.

If you ARE interested in attending this event, or if you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to bannwconsulting@gmail.com, with “Interested” in the subject line. Do NOT wait on this. Reserve yours today or reach out for additional info.

Payments are non-refundable, unless event is cancelled, due to unforeseen circumstances. The reason for this is because space is limited, and you must reserve your spot, thereby removing any opportunity for others to attend once all spots are filled. If you are unable to attend after making payments, your remaining balance may be used towards other products, services, or a future event (depending on how close to the event this happens).

THE EVENT WILL BE HELD IN MELBOURNE, FL: Updates and additional info to follow with confirmed registrations


If you are considering traveling via airline transportation, see below for possibilities:

Melbourne Orlando International Airport is a public airport 1.5 miles northwest of downtown Melbourne, in Brevard County, Florida, United States, and 50 miles southeast of Orlando, located on central Florida’s Space Coast.

Orlando International Airport is a primary international airport that is located 6 miles southeast of Downtown Orlando, Florida, about one hour from Melbourne, where the event will be held.


Read what some of my clients have had to say about working with me (as a counselor, coach, or consultant) below:

Barbara is very kind and caring. She listens and provides the perfect feedback, an open and welcoming space to explore the things you need to. She’s very knowledgeable and I’m so grateful to benefit from her expertise!

I have gone to counselors off and on for many years. Barbara probably helped me more in one hour than other counselors have in months of sessions. I appreciate her challenging me and motivating me. I look forward to becoming a better person with her guidance. She is perfect for me.

Barbara is extremely supportive and helpful. She asks thought provoking questions to help you work out and through your problems. She provides “homework” to encourage you to think about different solutions. She is awesome!!!

Before coming to Ms. Barbara, I was mentally broken and was done with counselors and therapists. Most sessions with other counselors would leave me with no answers or tools to help me deal with what I was going through. The sessions would turn out with me counseling the counselor. I was about to give up and then I met Ms. Barbara at an event. She helped me recognize that I was valuable and important. She helped me realize that what I was feeling was valid and gave me ways to look at things from a different perspective. She gave me tools to help me understand what was going on with me and ways to cope. She keeps it real and help you thoroughly think through your problems. She makes it easy and comfortable for you to talk through issues with her, because she is not judgmental. I don’t think she realize that she has given me so many ah-ha moments! So many times and in so many ways she has gone above and beyond to help me find my way!

Barbara has helped me in so many ways. I appreciate our candid conversations even when I don’t want to look in the mirror and do the work or hear it. She is a blessing and has really opened my eyes and provided tools to grow and learn more about myself. Her expertise and communication style allows me to be comfortable and honest. She has helped me in several aspects of my life. I would highly recommend Barbara and have to family and friends.

Therapy with Barbara has been life changing. She is great at challenging you to create the life you want to see and has helped me to reduce anxiety and negative thoughts. If you are ready to do the work to change your story, then she is the perfect therapist for you!

She is tough! But tough is what I need. By tough I mean that she doesn’t allow you to stay in self-pity, which is so very easy to do. EASY to stay in and JUST as easy to get STUCK in, instead she shines a light in a very dark tunnel, at least she does in mine, and then she stands at the end of it, where she tells you that you will come out if you’re willing to do the work, so you make a step in the darkness and there is her voice, guiding you, step by step even when you stumble. So far, I’ve gone from no light to a glimmer, I’m excited to see who I will become.

Barbara is not only very supportive and easy to work with, but she is so spot on when it comes to helping you get clear on moving forward and cutting through the excuses you tell yourself. So grateful to have her in my life.