Clues To Determine What Really Matters

If you are not clear on what really matters to you, you are either too busy doing what matters to someone else or you have missed the signs along the way. Yes, that’s right. You have left clues behind as to what is important to you. Take a look back and see if you recognize any of the signs. Some suggestions to consider might include:

  • Who do you find yourself spending a lot of time with? Why do you suppose that is?
  • What do you spend a lot of time doing? Are you enjoying yourself?
  • How do you prioritize your list of things to do, like errands and such?
  • Where does your favorite pastime energy go?

Just pondering over these questions will give you some insight as to what really matters to you. If you spend a lot of time with someone, it’s an indication that either that person is important to you, or controlling and manipulating you. Which is it?

If you spend lots of time investing your energy in a regular activity, there’s something about that activity you either enjoy, or it’s consuming your attention for some other reason. Is it a distraction from what really is important? You owe it to yourself to figure out the why behind it.

When you have a list of things to do, there are internal cues that let you know which gets to go first. Whichever goes first says something about how you see putting one before the other. Sure, sometimes Peter gets robbed to pay Paul because one might be due before the other. But what about a friend and a family member asking you to do something at the same time. How do you choose, and how do you feel about that choice?

These are all clues that determine what really matters to you. Even though you may not think about it at the time, when you make a choice, you are saying that person, item, or goal is not only important, but really matter to you. If you look back and determine that what you are doing or who you are spending your time with does not matter to you that much, it might be just the right time to make some changes.

After all, life is about living and enjoying that life. Review your clues and determine how much that really matters to you.

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