Day 1 of 12 Days – 12 Tips to an Empowered 2020 Relationship

Watch Your Thoughts

Tip 1: Watch Your Thoughts

Your thoughts create feelings. Feelings cause you to act. Actions causes outcomes, results and consequences, based on the actions taken. Therefore, once an action is taken, there is no stopping the outcome, result or consequence. There is no going in the reverse. There is only hindsight you can learn something from.

So, let’s talk about that hindsight. The only thing you can change from the thoughts, feelings, actions, outcomes, results and consequences are your thoughts. That’s it. You can only change your thoughts, because they set the stage for everything else that happens. Go ahead, think about it. When you’re feeling a certain way, check your thoughts.

Whatever you think about will cause you to feel some sort of way, then cause you to DO something. And so the rest of it goes.

When you look back at what happened as a result of your actions, decide if you liked it or not. Was what happened good, bad, positive or negative? Whichever, the feelings will be the same. Your feelings will follow the pattern of the thoughts.

So, moving forward, when you don’t like the way you feel, check the thought. Change the thought and the feeling with also change; unless, there is some chemical imbalance going on for some reason or other. Therefore, it’s the thing to pay close attention to–your thoughts. So, when it’s all said and done,

Watch your thoughts!

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