Day 8 of 12 Days – 12 Tips to an Empowered 2020 Relationship


Being right should not make your partner feel like a loser. Go for a win-win.

A good solid relationship is one where both parties concerned are winners; not just one, but both. This means that in the relationship there is a win-win. Could you imagine being in a win-win relationship? What can you see it looking like? What would a win-win relationship look like for you? Ponder on these questions for a few minutes to get a good visual.

It is so important that you have a clear picture in mind of what you want your relationship to look like. It’s not until then that you can even create what you want. So, take some time and imagine for yourself what the picture would look like. Try to dream. Even if you have to look at some magazines to get your imagination in gear, go for it. Whatever it takes to get you started will be okay.

Once you have a clear picture, make sure that you envision the both of you feeling good, happy and satisfied in the relationship. Because if one is unhappy, the relationship is off track in some way, and who knows what can happen from there. When you have a picture, you can always come back to it if things get off track to help get it back on track. That way, you’re always aiming for the goal that you’ve set.

Remember the saying, when mama ain’t happy, nobody in the house is? Well, any unhappiness in the relationship will result in a loss for the relationship; whether it’s you or him. So, go for a win. You both owe it to yourselves to be happy as individuals, because all it takes two individuals to make a couple, or a relationship.

So, aim for a win-win! If you have trouble getting there individually, reach out and connect below. I’m happy to help.

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