Forever Evolving

Life is a journey, not a destination. A journey. This is how we continue to evolve into who we end up being. Throughout this journey, we are forever evolving.

How many times have you thought or felt a particular way at one point in your life, only to find that when you had a different experience, it changed that thought or feeling you previously had? Something to pause and ponder over isn’t it?

If this resonates with you in some way, then know that you are not alone. Why? Because each of us are forever evolving. We NEVER remain the same person from the time we are born to the time we die. Never. If you are reading this and thinking about what you are reading, then I presume you are no longer the same infant you were born as. Am I right?

You are not wearing the same clothing, eating the same foods, being cradled in someone’s arms and rocked to sleep as you once were, or even playing with the same toys as you were from many years ago. Right?!

As you have grown you have been exposed to more and different things, people, thoughts, ideas, and ways of being that helped you to evolve into who you are right now.

Some changes have been deliberate and intentional, while others happened as a result of other experiences you may have encountered. Sometimes all it takes is hearing another’s point of view on something to get you to thinking about your own way of looking at things. Often, until you are challenged, your views tend to remain the same.

You grow. Evolve. See. Think. And even feel different than before once you have been exposed. That’s okay. You’re okay. See. Welcome. Embrace new possibilities for what they are and flow with it.

This happens for men and women, boys and girls, individuals, couples, families, groups and communities, and continues to grow and spread throughout in every way. When you understand this, you can not only see clearer than before, but you also have expanded vision that takes you further than you ever thought possible.

Evolving is an automatic thing that happens, sometimes intentional; most times not. It just happens. You are forever evolving. The good thing about this is when you take the time to reflect over your life, to make deliberate choices and decisions that helps you evolve into the person you desire to be.

Be conscious and open about who you are becoming as you evolve. As you do, I hope you are happy and proud of yourself for consciously choosing to create who you want to be in the end.

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