Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, however you came to be.

This is a special time set aside to celebrate all mothers. Why, because mothers are special people. Without them we wouldn’t be here.

Mothers are forever nurturing and taking care of others, sometimes at the expense of not taking care of themselves. Often, this is passed down unintentionally as a lesson to not take care of yourself. And, as you grew older, you ended up doing just that.

This same lesson shows up in other ways such as, not valuing yourself, seeing yourself as unworthy or not good enough. If you don’t catch this and do something about it early on, it will be passed on again as a lesson for those you nurture to learn.

So, while we take out the time to celebrate mother’s during this special time, let’s also stop and think about how we mother and nurture ourselves and others.

If you are a mother or nurturer, think about how you provide this gift to yourself and others.

Is it helpful?

Is it nurturing?

Is it encouraging?

Does it edify or strengthen?

Be conscience about how this shows up for you, so that it can bring awareness and attention to how it might show up for others and help you choose wisely.

Mothers and nurturers are gifts to the world, and in some way they are always showing and sharing these gifts. As a mother, never think that you are not showing or sharing your gift. Just be conscious and intentional about how you choose to do this. Because others are watching and listening.

So, mothers receive your gifts from the world, as we have received yours from you.

We Celebrate You!

Be blessed, especially on this day, in this season, for your labor has not been in vain.

Happy Mother’s Day!



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