1. How did you get started in this field?

    Starting out as a Personal Development Coach in the mid-ninety’s before really knowing what the formal name for what I was doing was called coaching, is where I knew I was supposed to be. I’ve always been a curious person, interested in others, and wanting to understand what made them tick. I hold the space where people are able to share some intimate parts of themselves, mainly through intensive listening. This is how I support individuals; and the curious part of me is filled with questions that help them work through their “stuff”.

    To help me understand the problems that kept presenting themselves through people who came to me, I returned to school for a graduate degree in Counseling Psychology. Once that was done, it enabled me to help on a different level, including knowing who, when and where to refer when needed. Being the curious people person that I am, I seek to understand people and to help them understand themselves better; thereby, creating the opportunity for a meaningful life and satisfying relationship.

  2. What is the difference between counseling and coaching?

    Counseling is more focused on solving painful problems from the past, and letting go of old patterns. Clients come to therapy expecting answers from outside themselves. It works with people to achieve self-understanding and emotional healing. Counseling helps people build supports to stabilize their lives. It explores the root of problems.

    I think Jeffrey E. Auerbach, Ph.D. says it best: “Coaching is an ongoing relationship between the professional coach and the client, which focuses on the client taking action toward the realization of their vision, goals, or desires”. It’s a powerful alliance between the client and the coach.

  3. What makes you different from other coaches?

    Sometimes it takes a lot for people to step outside their comfort zone and share their personal concerns. My best work is zoning in on the presenting issue you bring and seek help or improvement for, and helping you move forward from there. In addition to my education, training and experience, I help you work through your most intimate relationship; the one you have with yourself. When this changes, it is reflected everywhere else.

  4. Who are your clients?

    My clients are married couples who want to strengthen their relationship with each other; to deepen their connection. They are individuals who want to strengthen themselves, to empower and impact their relationship in a positive and healthy manner. They want to have better communication and connection.

  5. How do you work with your clients?

    Depending on the location it can be: face to face, telephone, Internet (trainings/tele-classes/seminars/webinars), or live workshops.

  6. What is it like to work with you?

    Benefits my clients have reported and achieved in working with me include:

    • Improved communication
    • Learning how to say NO to what they don’t want
    • Understanding why they are attracting what’s showing up in their lives
    • Clarity about who they truly are and gain the confidence to embrace and be just that
    • Deeper connection
  7. What are your fees?

    Fees vary depending on the particular service needed. Different works may include: one-on-one; group (workshops / trainings / teleclasses / seminars / webinars, which may be online or in person); products (books, workbooks, recordings, transcripts, etc.).

    Take a look throughout the site and see what might work best for you at this time in your life. Reach out and connect with me if you have any questions.

  8. Will this really work for me?

    The work we will do together is what YOU want as an individual or couple. You will bring the picture, vision, or puzzle of what you are looking for, and together we will create a finished product; your desired end result and outcome.

    Okay, I’m ready, how do I get started?

    Send an email to bannwconsulting@gmail.com and in the subject line include “I’m ready to get started”, and in the body let me know how you would like to be reached and how you would like for us to work together. Don’t worry, we’ll work through the preliminaries together.