How Much Time Is It Taking For You To Decide On Your Life

So often when it comes to making decisions there is so much to consider. For one, how soon does the decision need to be made? Who does it involve? Ultimately, who’s decision is it to make, as well as the end result?

Then, there’s the question of which is the “right” or “best” decision to make? Is there even such a thing anyway as right or best when it comes to deciding what you want?

Here’s something to think about in helping you decide on what you might want to do.

Think about EVERYTHING you do not like or do not want in your life. What’s happening right now that you wish wasn’t happening? Start listing what comes to mind now.

I don’t like: (Ex: I don’t like working for someone else.)

What I DO want is: (Ex: I want to work for myself doing something I thoroughly enjoy.)

This helps in also getting to know yourself better when you consider the things you don’t like and the things you don’t want in your life.

Now the question to ask yourself here is, “What am I willing to DO (take action on) right now to get the outcome I want to experience?”

When you look at and consider the above, does it bring you a little closer to making a decision on the thing that’s keeping you at a standstill?

Fast forward.

  • One year.
  • Five years.
  • 10 years.

When the time comes, will you be pleased, satisfied and happy about the decision you made back then? Or will it not matter because you aren’t here to enjoy it? Plan and prepare for the future, but live for today. Right now. The future is not promised, but today, right now is.

Choose. You’re in the future. Visualize your future from where you want to be and work backward. Are you happy about your choice? Do you feel good about where you are as a result? Begin to live today as you hope to with your future self.

Be happy now. That’s my hope for you. Don’t take too much time to decide on your life. Know what you want. Make the decision and move forward.

Let me know below what was helpful for you here. You got this!


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