Lessons to Learn

Life comes to teach each one of us so many different kinds of lessons and in a variety of ways. Yet, it’s in these lessons that we continue to learn as we evolve, that we strive for success even more.

Success doesn’t mean that we never fall or never make mistakes. It means that we continue to rise and get up each time we do.

This seems so easy as we tell the little ones that they must crawl before they walk, and walk before they run. Or, how many times will they fall off the bike before learning to hold steady (once the training wheels are off), as they access their own way of staying on and getting to where they are trying to go.

Now, if we as adults could only remember the lessons we tried to teach them and remind ourselves that we too should hold steady as we continue this path called life and learn the lessons that are presented to us. Sure, we are going to fall, but we don’t have to stay there. Get up and rise above whatever life throws you and keep it moving.

Sometimes this may seem easier said than done, but yet, if we are going to keep getting up and rising above our circumstances, this is how success will show up for us. Success comes from getting up after you have fallen. The mere fact that you get up is evidence that you are capable of succeeding. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Don’t let go of what continues to pull you up to move on.

Yes, there are many lessons to learn along this road called life. What road are you on right now that could be teaching you a dear lesson? Whatever you are experiencing is not in vain or wasted. You will be able to use it in some way if you just keep rising above the mediocre level. You’re much better than that. It’s a lesson life could be trying to teach you. Are you getting it?

Remember, if you are facing a challenge, consider it a lesson specifically for you to learn something from. If you do not get the lesson, it will continue to show up for you in some way to help you get it. Take the time to see what’s there for you and glean all you can from it. It will help you on the next journey.

I hope this has encouraged you in some way to keep rising to the success that is yours, when you learn the lesson that your experiences are here to share with you. If so, leave a comment below or send a voice message to the right about what was helpful for you, and what you will do as a result.


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