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A Series of YourTango Experts Relationship Panel Videos

Experts Relationship Panel: Happiness

Happiness really is an inside job. You can’t go around looking for and expecting others to make you happy or feel good all the time. At some point, you have to learn how to push your own buttons, and doing what makes you feel good. Figure that out and create your own happy.

YourTango Experts Relationship Panel: Family

A healthy relationship begins with a healthy individual. Often, when you don’t see or experience healthy relationship models growing up, or around you, you grow up not knowing what one could look like. What do you do then? At some point there must be an internal hunger for more or better than what is around you, and then you can seek that out and create what you desire for yourself.

YourTango Experts Relationship Panel: Parenting

Moms today have too many responsibilities for everything to be perfect, especially if there’s more than one child in the home. Remember, everything is not always going to be good, right, or perfect. But mom, if you can make sure you are being present and doing the best you can do in any moment, give yourself a break. Think about what’s really important and what your little one will remember most in the years ahead. It won’t be how perfect you were.

YourTango Experts Relationship Panel: Mirror

Relationship mirroring is when the other person is showing you some part of yourself that you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. It may not be where you’re able to acknowledge it or even get it. But if you find yourself experiencing discomfort in your relationship, look for what may be showing up to help you in some way. This really works in any type of relationship, especially in intimate ones.

YourTango Experts Relationship Panel: Relationships

Some say relationships are more difficult and challenging today than they were generations ago. In some ways they are; in some ways they are not. It all depends on how you look at it. One thing is for sure though, there are a lot more choices today than there were back then, and that in and of itself seems to create even more challenges. Something to think about.

YourTango Experts Relationship Panel: Change

Change in relationships are always happening. If one person can cause or create a problem in the relationship, one person may change those dynamics. It depends on: the actual challenge experienced, the people in the relationship, and if change is welcomed. At any rate, if something changes in the relationship, it creates another change. We don’t always know the change it will bring; but the mere fact that there is a change in one area, it will bring about some other change. You must decide for yourself if that change is better or not, and what to do moving forward.

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