Pay Attention To The Seeds You’re Growing

My husband and I were in the garage the other day, with the door up. He was playing around as he normally does out there with all of his “yard toys”, and I was just out there visiting with him. He enjoys taking care of the outside. Beautifying the landscape (his, that is), is one of his favorite pastime activities.

Have you ever noticed the difference in the type of grass is in your yard, your neighbors yard, or even someone else’s in your community, or when you’re out riding around?

Well, on this day, one of the neighbors in the community was walking by and stopped to ask my husband, “How do you keep your grass so pretty and green? I’ve done all sorts of things to mine and it doesn’t look like that.” This just lit my husband up as he went on to show the guy what he uses and what he does. They went on and talked about the yard for a few minutes.

Later we were out walking ourselves in the community and came across a yard that looked like the pictures above and below. And guess what came to my mind? Yep, a blog post about something similar; how we allow weeds to grow in our mind that we actually don’t want there.

This grass is all tangled with all sorts of weeds in there choking the grass to the point it looks like a wild field.

Can you imagine the types of different seeds you’re growing in your mind like this? Does it represent you in a way that makes you feel good about yourself? You are in control of this. You have to pull up the weeds when you see them. You can’t allow those weeded negative thoughts to take root because then they’ll be totally out of control, just like this wild grass.

So, what kinds of seeds are you planting, or allowing to grow in your garden of life? It has a way of manifesting and showing up to let you know that it’s different from what you initially planted there. But it came from somewhere.

Take charge of what you think about and focus on; even what you watch or listen to, which has a way of creeping in without your awareness. Those weeds of negativity are some pesky little fellas that can destroy what you’re trying to grow.

Be watchful and alert.

Be mindful.

Pay close attention to the seeds you’re growing in your mental garden.

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  1. Whew, you aren’t kidding about those pesky little weeds. So tiny but cause so much damage. Then again, so does anything that goes untended, right? It’s imperative to pay attention to what we allow into our “gates” because seeds are always being planted.

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