Relationship success begins with personal success; meaning, you cannot expect to have an overall good, positive, healthy, and/or happy relationship with anyone else if you do not have one with your own individual self.

This is where it all begins, with you! If you do not think or feel that any of this resides within you, then keep reading, because I have compiled an unexclusive check list below to help you begin doing just that; or at least be able to identify what it can look like for you.

Start looking at, thinking about, and creating a space for you to feel the personal joy you desire to feel internally, so that you can begin to attract the same kind of relationships in your life and space through others.

To attract the relationship success you desire for yourself, here’s a list of things you can consider, starting with you first:

  1. Get clear on your requirements, needs, and wants
  2. Know your triggers that may lead to unhealthy behavior
  3. Speak positive into and over yourself
  4. Surround yourself with people, places, and things that inspire you
  5. A yes to someone else in the moment means a no to you in that same moment
  6. Don’t neglect your goals, dreams, and desires for the sake of fulfilling someone else’s
  7. Be fully conscious and present for your life and for what shows up for you
  8. Give yourself some grace as you move forward
  9. Pay attention to any “red flags” or potential warning signs
  10. Decide what is a yes or no for you and let it be
  11. Be the chooser for your life and relationships
  12. Understand that if it is not a resounding yes, then it is a NO
  13. Get comfortable saying no, without an explanation
  14. Love on you like you want somebody else to
  15. Practice self-care, whatever that means, looks like, and feels for you
  16. Embrace YOU as you are in this moment of making change
  17. Be clear with your boundaries
  18. Ask for help when you need it
  19. Keep your thoughts in check, because from there it’s either up or down
  20. Do not tolerate what you do not wish to be continued