The Joy Of A Meaningful Life

Have you ever went to bed late at night only because there was nothing else to do? You spent the entire day not having anything in particular to do but whatever seemed to come along that needed to be addressed. If this sounds like you, raise your hand or just say ouch!

It’s not so bad to have days like this IF it’s how you like to spend your days. The problem is when you do have days like this and it bothers you, so much so, that not only do you feel a lack of joy in your life, but you often wonder if this is all there is to it.

So you go to bed after spending your day like this and spend the evening hoping tomorrow will be different. I can tell you right now. It won’t! How can I say this? Because behaviors tend to repeat themselves unless something about the behavior changes.

Guess what? If nothing changes, NOTHING changes. If you want something about yourself, your life, your relationship, or your day to change, then you must do something different from what you regularly do. This is how change happens, one different act or behavior at a time, on a consistent basis.

So you want joy? Do something that makes you feel good. Not sure what makes you feel good? Get to know you better. Do some deep internal reflecting and ask yourself some questions that only you can answer. Here’s a few to get you started:

  • What do you like or enjoy doing?
  • What makes you laugh? If you have ever watched a comedy show or movie and laughed, what was it that brought you humor? As you remember this, did you smile?
  • What brings you a sense of pleasure (so much so that time gets away from you)?

Keep doing this and over time you will discover some golden nuggets about yourself that will provide you a sense of direction. In this, not only will you begin to experience a little joy, but you will also find some glimmer of meaning for wanting even more for your life. And this my friend will offer you the hope and inspiration needed to create a new way to spend your days, your nights, and your life. Now that’s meaningful!

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