What Is Blocking You From Moving Forward?

What is blocking you or keeping you from moving forward in a direction you desire to move? What’s got you stuck? Are you sick and tired of not being able to move and live life on your terms? What makes you feel like you can’t?

If you do not do what you need to do to move past this wall, you’ll never know what’s behind it. Is fear holding you hostage?

This physical wall can represent different types of walls in your life, real or unreal.

It can be a mental wall, an emotional wall, something you can physically see or not. However you may look at it, if you feel blocked, hindered, or stopped from going in the direction you desire to go, it can hold you back in so many other different ways.

Don’t get carried away with semantics here. Whatever word fits better for you, just replace it with that word. But let’s be clear. If you want to move forward in any way, and feel that you can not, you are stuck. Am I right?

So, whatever it is that keeps you from moving forward in a direction you desire to move, you must stop and take some time to evaluate the situation. Seriously, take a breather.

What have you done or tried to help you get past this wall (whatever it is that’s blocking you)? Have you acknowledged that there is a problem? If so, that’s awareness. It’s helpful, but after that, you must either ask for help in some way for it to be moved or figure out a way to get around it.

Granted, some walls in your life can’t easily be gone around. Some walls are meant to tear down. But none are meant to keep you blocked from moving forward. If that is what the wall is doing to you, then you are giving it a lot of power.

Sometimes the wall can be broken down by actually going through the task of physically chopping at it piece by piece; brick by brick, until it comes down. Even seeing chips fall away can be a huge sigh of relief, knowing that it can come down.

Other times the wall represents something that must be broken down mentally and/or emotionally, even internally.

At any rate, don’t be discouraged. The wall can come down. Don’t give in. Don’t give up. Figure out what the wall represents to you. Chances are, if something is keeping you from moving forward in one area of your life, if you look close enough, you’ll find something else lurking around and keeping you stuck or blocked as well.

If you are challenged in figuring out what the block is and how to get it to come down, I invite you to check out my Unblock Bundle HERE and take a look at the free checklist of potential blocks that could be holding you back.

Once you have a clue, it can open up many other areas for you as well. I’m rooting for you in tearing down the walls that could be holding you back.

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