I Help Women Achieve Personal and Relationship Success On Their Terms

Why hire a Personal Growth & Relationship Counselor, Coach & Consultant?

  • You’re tired of waiting and looking for “Mr Right” OR the one you thought was, has turned out to be “Mr Wrong”
  • You need personal clarity and guidance in moving forward
  • You need a new and fresh way of looking at things
  • You want help in preparing for the relationship you desire
  • You need support, encouragement, and accountability to stay focused
  • You want to increase personal and relationship confidence
  • You want to minimize undesired stress 
  • You want to improve the way you communicate
  • You want to learn and establish clear healthier boundaries

As a Licensed Counselor, Certified Relationship Coach, and Consultant, I’m able to combine my education, training, experience, and my own long-term personal relationship, together to support you in achieving the above. 

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