Welcome To The New You

So, who is the new you? The new you is that person you’ve been wanting to meet and get to know for some time. Well, guess what? She is about to show up!

It doesn’t take a whole lot to make a change. And did you not know, that any change you make, makes you a new person? How about that!

So often people want to do something different, so that they can be different, but never stop and take the time to think about what they really want. So, as a result nothing changes. And, if nothing changes, nothing changes. BUT, if something changes, something else will change as a result of that change. You never know ahead of time what will happen when something changes; but the mere fact that something does change, something else will change as well.

Stop. Think about it for a little bit. What is that thing, way, or habit you’d like to change about yourself or your life? What is that? It doesn’t have to be anything great or drastic. Any small change you make will be just fine. Decide. What are you going to do different?

Now, make a conscious effort to make it a new habit and do it consistently. As you do this, you will notice other things. When you notice something that makes you feel good, brings some peace, joy, positivity, or other feeling that just comes over you and make you say to yourself, I love the new me. That’s a great feeling. Try it and let me know.

It doesn’t take much. Think about it. Any different ingredient you add to your cake batter will change the type of cake it is or turns out to be.

Any color you mix with another will create a whole new color altogether. Right? It’s adding something different. It’s taking something away. It’s changing some aspect of something. Whatever you do that changes something, it will change the whole thing in some way.

And so it is the same with you. If you change any part of you, the person you know yourself to be, it will cause a new person to emerge. How about that!

The year is still fresh and new, new enough for you to go ahead and make just a slight change. Go ahead. Make a change, and welcome a new you.

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