5 Ways to Improve Your Situation

Rather than just seeing your situation for the way it is when you are not happy with it, consider how you may improve on it in some way.

If you can’t think of any right off hand, take a look at the following:

  1. Change the way you LOOK at it. Everything isn’t always just the way you see it. Even someone else might see your same situation other than the way you do. What are some ways you can look at your situation other than how you see it now?
  2. THINK different about it. Have you ever heard the saying, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change”. Think about that for a moment. Makes plenty of sense doesn’t it? Consider some different ways you can think about it, then weigh the pros and cons about it. That’s different.
  3. Get clear on your feelings concerning it. This is another way to improve your situation. How do you really FEEL about your situation? Get clear on that! Ponder on it. This will bring clarity to other things as well as you process this.
  4. Refocus. When you have gone through each of the above steps, you can determine your direction from there by refocusing what you wish to DO and the direction you wish to go. After all, that’s the whole purpose of clarity, to help you SEE better.
  5. Affirm what you desire. Who knows better what you really want than you? When you know what you want, the steps will come to you as to what you should do to move forward. Then you must take ACTION.  

Once you have gone through these five ways to improve your situation, you should definitely see a change in it for the better.

If you continue to have problems after this process, feel free to ask questions below and I will get right back with you to address them. Until then, happy improvement!

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