Day 3 of 12 Days – 12 Tips to an Empowered 2020 Relationship

The way you think affects the way you feel, and the way you feel is tied in to your actions and behaviors.

The last two days we’ve been talking about the importance of your thoughts, how they affect your behavior and your relationships. Today we’re going to discuss the most powerful effects of those thoughts.

If you were to look back and think about it, most of your actions and behaviors come from those feelings that seem to creep up on you somehow. Actually, they come from your thoughts. Your thinking is what creates your feelings. This is powerful, because if you only knew that the feelings you don’t like were caused by you, you would like to think that you’d do something different. Wouldn’t you?

Your first awareness is the feeling, whether it’s good, bad, positive or negative. You don’t like the way you feel, so you try to get rid of the feeling by doing something; maybe drinking, hanging out, partying, socializing, gambling, shopping, or some other behavior to get you out of the feeling/mood you’re in.

Many negative behaviors begin with negative feelings. So where did the feeling come from? Your thoughts. This is the first thing to check when you notice a feeling. Especially if it’s a negative one. Even when it’s a good or positive feeling you want to take note of it because you want to repeat it. Right?! Well, if it’s a negative one, you want to check the thought that’s going on in your head when you notice it. It’s in that moment that you can actually do something to change it.

Once you’ve taken action or done something (behavior), it can not be reversed. If you can at least think about possible reactions to it before doing something, you can make a good change. The biggest tip for today is to be aware of your feelings more, knowing they come from your thoughts will help you determine what you want to do with them. How’s that for some awareness?

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