Day 6 of 12 Days – 12 Tips to an Empowered 2020 Relationship

Make more deposits into your relationship than you do withdrawals from it. Invest where you want a return.

Financially speaking, it makes so much sense to understand that you can’t just walk into a bank asking for a withdrawal from an account (1) you haven’t opened with your name on it, and (2) you haven’t put anything into it to pull out. This is totally understandable, right?

So, why is it a relationship is not looked at the same way? I don’t understand this. To expect something of someone else without first establishing the rules or boundaries, it would be unfair to just expect what you want in return. It doesn’t work that way.

Think about what it is you want from your relationship. Have you poured that into your relationship? If not, consider what you can now give in order that you may receive. You may get such joy out of giving with this new revelation that you stop looking for something in return. And believe it or not, that’s when things start to turn around and look different for you. That, in and of itself is the beauty of life; giving from your heart, without expecting something in return. 

Expectation can be a real let down. So, rather than expecting what you want or think you deserve, you can give it yourself with knowing it is possible. If you can give it, you can get it! Think what could happen to our world if all relationships behaved in this way. What could we create? Let it begin with you. Today! That’s the investment you will get returned to you.

Let me know if this has been helpful and how I might support you in moving forward. Drop a note below.

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