Make YOU A Priority

When we’re functioning well and are at our best, we can give to others from our excess. Imagine being on empty, your car can’t move because you don’t have one of the main essentials to help your vehicle go. Well, you aren’t in a position to help anyone. So, what’s the main priority here? Gas. Now, how you get the gas is the question. Here are some options:

  • You can walk to the station with a can to return and put just enough to get the vehicle to the station.
  • You can call someone and ask them to bring you some gas.
  • You can have your vehicle towed.
  • Depending on how close you are to a station, you can have someone push while you guide in neutral.
  • What else can you think of?

With that same creativity you used figuring out how to get your vehicle moving, you do the same with your body that just doesn’t have any gas or energy to move either. Think of what you can do, because if you don’t, you’ll just be sitting there. And if you have children or other responsibilities, you’ll be dragging and using any reserve energy you might have to get by.

But let’s face it, we know there will be days like this. Right? So brainstorm on what you can do ahead of time to prepare for such a day. So that, when it gets here, at least you have a gas can in the garage or in the back of the vehicle. That’s planning. And, if you don’t think something like that could happen to you, at least be prepared to help someone else. How about that?!

When you make sure that you are important to you by taking care of you first, it tells others:

  • You are important to you.
  • You take care of you, and that includes time for recreation and play.
  • You don’t allow others to abuse, misuse, or take advantage of you.
  • You speak up for you.
  • You know what you like and enjoy and can share this with others.
  • Can you think of any other ways you can take care of yourself?

You’ve heard the saying, prevention is worth a pound of cure, right? Well, imagine if you made you a priority and took care of you how many ailments could be prevented. Just imagine. Give it a shot. If you haven’t been doing this, now is a great time to start.

If this is a challenge for you and you need support, leave a comment below and let’s connect.

Here’s to making YOU a priority!

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