3 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Relationship

Each relationship is different, because the individuals in the relationship is, and brings with it a uniqueness of its own flavor. Still, there are ways to improve any relationship and make it better. Three powerful ways include:

  1. DECIDE what’s working and what’s not working in your relationship. Often the things that are working in a relationship gets little attention, because the focus tends to be on what isn’t working. And of course, that is the very thing that becomes magnified—what’s not working; and thereby gets even stronger, or worse.
  2. STOP doing what does NOT work. It’s insane to continue doing the same thing over and over, and think that anything different would be the outcome. But that’s exactly what couples do. STOP! Put an end to this madness.
  3. DO MORE of what does work for you. This is one of the things in relationships that gets very little attention—things that work. You know, it’s like the problem child that gets all the attention, while the one that’s producing good works go ignored. What ends up happening? They do things to get attention, which doesn’t always end up good.

Once you have decided together what has worked in your relationship, determine to do more of that. It will strengthen the relationship, and what gets stronger, has a better fighting chance for survival.

If you are successful in accomplishing these three simple, but powerful, ways to improve your relationship, you should already begin noticing a change. That is my intention for writing this post.

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