Real Love Should Always Feel Good

Love is much more than just a word. It’s a feeling. It’s an expression. It’s excitement. It’s all of that and so much more.

We are still in the “LOVE” month (February). It’s not over yet. Are you still saying, showing and sharing the same love you were, just a couple of weeks ago when Valentine’s day was being celebrated?

It’s not just a one-day thing. True love is not just a one-day time to celebrate the one you have strong feelings for. It can and should be said, shared and expressed on a regular basis, and without any expectations as a result.

Don’t wait until this same time again next year. Think of someone who means something to you. Let them know it, just for the sake of letting them know. Say the heartfelt words “I LOVE YOU” to that special person, while you can.

Everyone wants and needs to feel and to be loved, and to know it beyond a shadow of a doubt, without any question or ulterior motive behind it. That’s real love and it should always feel good.

If the last time you said, shared or showed love to someone was on a special day, then let this serve as a reminder that any day can be a special day because you choose for it to be. 

Share the LOVE today.

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