A New And Fresh Start

As this New Year begins, I cannot help but reflect on the old while considering the new. Why? Because I want to make conscious choices about what I do moving forward. I do not want to carry anything into my future that needs to be dropped off right now. No more hindrances. No more meaningless relationships. No more excuses. No more of anything I no longer wish to tolerate. For me, this is not a resolution. It is a declaration. A new way of being.

I declare a new and fresh start! My intention is to not only put the past behind me, but to press toward the goal of a higher calling to be accomplished. This is my desire. I am marking time.

For those of you who have lost focus of what’s really important in obtaining and maintaining your true desires, consider this story by Robert Strand:

After 40 some years of married life, this lady’s husband died. For several months she sat alone in her home with shades drawn and doors locked. Finally, she decided to do something about her loneliness. She went to a pet store. As she looked over the dogs, cats, fish, and even reptiles, nothing seemed right. Then the owner showed her one of his prized parrots. “Does it talk?” she asked.

“Absolutely—a real chatterbox. Friendly disposition and a wide vocabulary. That’s why it’s so expensive. But what a friend he could be to you.”

“Sold!” She bought an elegant large cage. Took him home in anticipation. At last a companion, something to talk to—perfect. But the parrot wouldn’t say a word.

She went back to the pet store and complained to the owner, “Not one word! I haven’t been able to get a sound out of that bird.”

“Well, you need to buy a mirror. A parrot needs a mirror so while looking at himself, he’ll talk. “She bought a mirror. It didn’t help—not a word from the bird.

Back she went to the owner, “The parrot still isn’t talking.”

“Did you buy a ladder?”

“No, I didn’t know it needed a ladder.” She bought the ladder—but no use, the parrot still didn’t talk. Then it was a bell, the next week a swing. Not one sound from the cage.

Then she suddenly burst into the pet store shouting, “It died! My expensive bird is dead at the bottom of the cage with the mirror, bell, ladder, and swing!” Oh, was she ever angry.

The owner replied, “Well, I can’t believe that. I’m shocked. Did it ever say anything at all, ever?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact it did. As it lay there taking its last few breaths, it said very faintly, “Don’t they have any food down at that pet store?”

This may sound funny to some and maybe sad to others. All sorts of thoughts go through the mind about what could have gone wrong in the thinking and communication between those concerned. Yet no one mentioned food; the very item the bird needed for survival. Surely the woman had eaten at some point during all this contemplation. Did she not think, this bird just might be hungry?

Sometimes we can look at so many different things, listen to too many different voices, headed in too many different directions, and pay too much attention to things that don’t really matter.

Figure out and decide what’s vitally important to you as an individual and focus on that to accomplish your desired outcome. Your very life depends on it!

Nobody but you can determine what’s considered “right” for you. The bird knew what it needed, but the one who could do something about it was the caregiver, and couldn’t help him, because she couldn’t help herself.

Who’s caring for you? If you don’t, you’ll end up just like the bird, with hindsight, and no strength to do anything about it. No one else has this responsibility, but YOU!

Consider this nudge your inspiration; your encouragement; your call for action. And then do something before it’s too late. Make the best of your new and fresh start!

If I can help or be of support to you in getting or remaining focused with accountability, reach out and connect. Until such time, peace be unto you for a fulfilled and prosperous year!

Much Love!

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