Day 12 of 12 Days – 12 Tips to an Empowered 2020 Relationship

Pay attention to the seeds you sow.

What types of seeds are you sowing in your life and relationships?

The seeds you’re sowing are the things you’re doing, how you’re expressing yourself, what and how you’re sharing with others. It’s also how you’re showing up in your world, your relationships, and with those that matter to you.

Look around and see what’s coming back to you. Are you okay with it? Do you like what’s showing up around you? If you do, that’s great! Keep doing what you’re doing to attract more of it.

BUT, if you have issues with what is showing up in your world, look back at the way you have shown up. How have you been towards others, especially your mate and other close relationships? What kind of seeds have you been sowing? Have you sown seeds of gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation, kindness, etc. towards others?

Carrots shouldn’t show up where you’ve sown or planted watermelon. Not if you were paying attention to what you were doing and planted properly. Sure, life happens to us all. But, for the most part, you tend to reap what you have sown. At some point you look for a harvest of what you’ve sown. What you have put out there in some way is what tends to show up again for you.

So monitor this. Keep a watch for what’s showing up around you, especially if it’s affecting your life in some way. Pay attention to it. It’s there to communicate something to you, if nothing but a lesson you can learn something from. Maybe it’s something you can shift, tweak or change to get a different result. Otherwise, you’ll continue to get the same thing again.

Share with me below what seeds you’re sowing and what you’re getting back in return. Happy sowing!

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