How to Have the Best Relationship You Can

What does it mean to have the best relationship you can? Good question. It means you’re doing the best you can with what you have in the present moment. You’re not holding back waiting on the other person to catch up with you, or give back to you what you gave. No, absolutely not!

Your ability and your capability may be different from your partner’s. You might have the ability to receive love from your partner, but not be capable of returning the same type of love to your partner in the way it was received; and vice versa. It’s not even fair to compare. You just have to be and give your best.

When you understand this, you don’t look for your partner to do something because you did it, and exactly the way in which you did it. You understand that he might not be able to duplicate you. The job might get done, but not necessarily the way you would do it. And both of you could be giving and doing your best in that moment.

That’s what relationships are all about. Being, giving and doing your best. When you do this, feel good about what you’re able to do. Be thankful and appreciative of what you have been given. If each of you were to use what you have been given (individual gifts), it wouldn’t be such a big deal to look to the other person to do tick for tack. Just do you. Your best. That’s different for every single individual.

This is how you can have the best relationship you can; by being and doing all that you can with what has been given to you. Use your own personal gifts you have been blessed with to your fullest, and trust that your partner is doing the same. You are not in competition with each other. Each of you are using what you have in the best way you know and can; hopefully. Trust the same of your partner, that it will all work out. That’s giving, doing, and being your best for you and for your relationship.

What’s one way your relationship can be better than it is now? Just ONE! Now do something to make it happen. If I can be of any help with this be sure to reach out and connect.

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