Six Habits of Great Relationships

There are lots of different things you can do to help your relationship be a great one. Some directly. Some indirectly. But in the long run, each will affect the relationship in a healthy, positive way.

Let’s look at six of these habits below:

  1. Considerate. The individuals in a great relationship considers the relationship as top priority over any and everyone else. This means that each person has a clear understanding of who they are and where they stand with the other at any given point in time.
  2. Assertive. There are no mind readers in this relationship. No guessing games. If you want to know something, you ask questions. This relationship consists of two full-grown consensual able minded individuals who stands independently well but chooses to stand with the other. 
  3. Partnership Behavior. Partners have an agreement and an understanding of the “rules” of the relationship. It’s like saying I DO at the altar. You know who and what you are saying yes to. By-the-way, at the altar is not the time or the place to clarify this.
  4. Paying Attention. You know your partner. Your partner knows you. When something is off or different, you notice it. You don’t keep quiet about it if it’s something significant. Paying attention is about being present in and for the relationship.
  5. Understanding. Your relationship is expected to grow and evolve just as you, two separate individuals will. One should not look at the other and expect for things to remain the same year after year, personally or in the relationship.
  6. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. This cannot be overstated. There are so many different ways we communicate with each other and an important part of that is listening. You can never go wrong there. 

While this list is far from exhaustive, it will most certainly get your relationship off to a great start and keep it going. If you don’t have a great one already, but would like to have one, or prepare for one, reach out and connect here.

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